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Review of Methods for Synthesis of the Model of Class of Spiroid Gearboxes for Intelligent CAD Systems. Part 1. Graph Method

Malina O.V.


Development of intelligent systems of computer-aided design requires establishment of the problem for accumulation and generalization of the designer’s experience. Development of the model of the designer’s activity meets the absence of the end-to-end algorithm, allowing for synthesis of a layout with the consumer qualities of the product as the initial data. This explains the functional set of advanced CAD systems which are capable of automating the processes of graphical works, developing 3D models, performing individual engineering analysis, preparing the design and manufacturing documentation, however, they do not allow for performing the structural synthesis of the future product. The experience of the designing engineer and his intuition become here the decisive factors in implementing the process of the structural synthesis. By developing the methodology of automation of the process of structural synthesis the author of the paper states the question of accumulating the “designer’s experience” for its further application as informational support of the system of computer-aided design capable for maximally automate the process of structural synthesis of future layouts. Generalization of the experience is considered by the author as generation of the model of the class of objects allowing for fixation of maximum number of features of layout performances of the product and its components. Another problem to be solved when developing the model of the class of objects is to provide the possibility of its computer-aided implementation. The author proposes to apply the classifier as the model of the class of objects, the classifier representing the set of classification features (questions) and the set of values of features (alternative answers on each of the stated question). The object of design was taken to be a spiroid gearbox representing the object of the mean level of complexity. Graph representation of the object layout allowing for demonstration of all the layout units and possessing definite properties interesting for the designer is demonstrative and convenient for mathematical and, therefore, algorithmic description. The paper substantiates the necessity and possibility of developing the classifier as the generalized model of the class of spiroid gearboxes plotted by the graph method implying the generalization of graph models of individual designing solutions. The author considered the graph method by Polovinkin, grounded the necessity of its modification, proposed the graph method providing the high degree of automation of the process of generalizing the designer’s experience and development of the classifier.


Complex objects; steps of developing the graph model; model of gearbox layout description; structure generating modules; characteristics; graph method for developing the generalized model

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