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Method of Protecting Access to the Information Resource of a Mobile Object of Informatization Based on Navigation Key

Aralbaev T.Z., Galimov R.R., Kameneva E.V., Idrisov A.S., Soldatov A.S.


The relevance of the topic is determined by the broad development and use of mobile computing facilities used to store and process confidential information resources. This work is devoted to the protection of information resources in the on-board system of vehicles from unauthorized access. The shortcomings of the existing approaches to protecting such systems due to the wide possibilities of attackers outside the controlled areas impacts, both on the means of protection and on users of the system, were identified. In this regard, an approach to the protection of information resources of mobile computing facilities has been proposed, which allows access only in protected areas. In the work, a structural model of a multilevel system for protecting access to an information resource is developed, which includes the following levels: physical protection, authentication system, cryptographic and steganographic systems. A feature of the proposed method is that it is proposed to supplement the rules for accessing the subsystems data resource by controlling the location of the mobile computerization object. This is achieved by generating keys of cryptographic and steganographic systems taking into account data on the geographical coordinates of the mobile object. Based on this model, a software tool has been developed to protect access to an information resource, taking into account the navigation access key, which allows to increase the level of security of mobile informatization objects.


protection of access to the information resource, navigation key, steganography, cryptography, multi-level security system, mobile object of informatization

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