Issue Title
Vol 14, No 4 (2016) Corpus of M. V. Lomonosov in the Internet: New Opportunities Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Baranov V.A., Vernyaeva R.A.
Vol 14, No 3 (2016) Creation of Automated System for Determining the External Ballistics Parameters Based on the Sound Card of Signal Imitator for Optical Sensors Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Vdovin A.Y., Markov E.M., Maksimova A.V., Pokushev A.N.
Vol 15, No 2 (2017) Criteria of Crack Resistance of Nonlinear Fracture Mechanics of Structural Elements Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Dobrovolsky D.S.
No 2 (2010) Criteria of Intellectual Synthesis Systems of Receive/Transmit Radiotelephone Devices Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Lyalin V.E., Kytin E.A.
No 1 (2010) Criterions of Product Quality in Automated Control System of Polymer Extrusion Process at Manufacturing of Cables Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Terlych A.E., Trufanova N.M., Savchenko V.G.
No 1 (2013) Cumulative assessment of the quality of TB care in the penal system of Russia Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Ponomarev S.B., Odyntsov V.E.
Vol 13, No 1 (2015) Current characteristics of phase transitions in disordered semiconductors with GST225 structure Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Klochkov A.Y., Korshunov A.I., Emelyanov S.G., Baturkin S.A.
Vol 14, No 1 (2016) Data extraction from commercial web forums Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Mokrousov M.N., Chirkova N.N.
Vol 15, No 4 (2017) Data Processing Features in the Intellectual Integrated Security System of Objects and Territories Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Kudelkin V.A., Yannikov I.M., Gabrichidze T.G.
Csongrady T.
Vol 15, No 1 (2017) Database of Physical Protection of Potentially Hazardous Objects Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Yannikov I.M., Soboleva N.V., Kudel’kin V.A., Kazantsev M.M., Gabrichidze T.G.
No 1 (2010) Dataware of Production Monitoring Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Krutikhin A.D., Kuznetsov A.P.
No 2 (2014) Decoration of artistic industrial glass items while fusing Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Surnina N.A.
No 2 (2014) Defining mechanical properties of the sand soils under cyclic loads by machines actuators Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Baranchik V.P., Zakirov M.F., Ivanov K.A., Kibardina N.A.
No 2 (2012) Definition of a volume tolerance range in dynamics Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Repko V.N., Chumakova E.V.
Liptak P.
No 2 (2012) Design issues of high-loaded planetary gear with roller mechanism of movement withdrawal Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Plekhanov F.I., Molchanov S.M.
Vol 15, No 3 (2017) Design of Grinding Operations on the Basis of Modeling with Application of Artificial Neural Network Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Pereladov A.B., Dmitrieva O.V., Rupasov I.A.
Vol 14, No 1 (2016) Design of the LED fuzzificator for active noise cancellation systems Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Balagurov A.V., Merzlyakova K.G., Zikov A.M., Tyurin A.P.
No 2 (2011) Design Procedure of Electric Heating Elements of Melting Facility for Heating Polymer Raw Materials Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Svyatskiy M.A., Svyatskiy V.M., Sentjakov B.A.
No 1 (2011) Design Selection of Subsonic Acoustic Target for Physical Model of Information and Measuring System Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Korobeynikov V.V., Kazakov V.S.
No 2 (2011) Design Versions of Spiroid Gearboxes with Rotaprint Lubrication of Gearing Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Goldfarb V.I., Anferov V.N., Sergeyeva I.V.
No 1 (2012) Designing of kinematic schemes of rotor line mechanisms Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Alenchenkov I.S., Pushkarev A.E.
No 1 (2012) Designing of sets of plane-parallel end rods with account of complex optimization criterion Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Fot A.P., Chepasov V.I., Mullabaev A.A.
No 2 (2014) Determination of active zone of rotor-type gas generator Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Didenko V.N., Kashin E.M.
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