Investigation of Plastic Pipe Microbiological Pollution by Waste Water Based On Mathematical Model

Svalova M.V., Grinko E.A., Khodova E.A.


Inner surface of plastic pipes is subjected to generation of microbiological pollution after long-term operation, influencing essentially the quality of water supply and reliability of the whole system. The paper investigates the influence of the process parameters on incrustation. Based on the method of experiment planning and the Manugistics program STATGRAPHICS (STATistical GRAPHICs System) plus for Windows) a mathematical model of the biological incrustation process is developed. Geometrical interpretation for the analyzed model is given with regard to the response surface and the equal entrance line. Basic concepts of theory of dimension and similarity are considered and the optimal version is chosen for the functional dependence of the incrustation process on its parameters.


waste water; microbial pollution; mathematical model; biofilm; experiment; factors

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