The development of competitiveness OF industry enterprises in conditions of European Union

Jurova M., Chytilova E.A., Supina T.


The current status of industry in European Union and possibilities of its development are considered. The modern trends in optimization of planning and realization of manufacturing are described. In comparing with other countries of European Union we have still a lot of places for improvements, mostly in material and wage savings. The optimization of production tools is still not so popular to bring results in lower costs. Authors focused on modern trends, such as theory of constraint, optimized production technology, advanced planning and scheduling and other.


industry enterprises; European Union; competitiveness; theory of constraint (TOC); optimized production technology (OPT); just-in-sequence (JIS); single minute exchange of dies (SMED); advanced planning and scheduling (APS); Heuristic Factory Planning Algorithm (HFPA)

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