Analysis of Overvoltage Influence on Super Capacitor Characteristics

Podkin Y.G., Chikurov T.G.


The technique is developed and researches are conducted on characteristics and parameters of super capacitors (SC) with capacity up to 10 F and with nominal voltage of 2,5 V in the limit operational modes. It is established that SC maintain charging currents to 50 A, permanent voltage to 4 V, impulses of voltage of a second duration to 5 V without essential change of parameters. Increase of a charge voltage to 4,25 V leads to irreversible decrease in capacity and increase in equivalent series resistance and leak current. Breakdown comes at voltage of 5,6±0,1 V. The received results are coordinated with known data and they give the potential of new applications of SC.


super capacitor, ionistor, electric double layer capacitor, charge-discharge characteristics, self-discharge, overvoltage

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