Calculation of the Stress-Strain State of the Screw-To-Ground System with ANSYS Package

Lipin A.A., Shapkin V.A., Vahidov U.S., Vishnyakov A.V., Stryzhak A.D.


One of the most versatile and passable vehicles, the possibility of which is not limited by one environment is a rotary-screw propulsion. Terms of application of this type of propulsion includes a large number of possible environments for their movement, ranging from sand to ice and permafrost. Difficult operating conditions and operating modes oblige engineers and designers to create such all-terrain vehicles which will be capable to sustain the loadings applied to them. Now forecasting of stress-strain state of designs of rotary-screw propulsion is a topical and poorly studied issue. The purpose of this work is to carry out the static strength calculation: simulation of the stress-strain state of the system of interaction of the screw-drive vehicle with a ground base in ANSYS Workbench package. The calculations have been carried out in two stages: 1) modeling of design geometry, which is necessary for calculation, in the CAD system SolidWorks with its subsequent integration into the ANSYS Workbench; 2) modeling and determination of stress and strain in the screw-to-ground system at the accounting of action of gravitation force on it. Particular attention has been paid to modeling of ground base by using classical models of material which are contained in the ANSYS Workbench. For carrying out calculations the Extended Drucker-Prager behavior model of soil has been chosen. During the numerical experiments there were obtained a picture of the distribution of stresses and strains in the studied models, and also the value of soil settlement. The aim of further researches is verification of the received values by theoretical and experimental methods. Further phase of research of screw-to-ground system’s behavior is carrying out dynamic calculations, and also the application of other software systems as a tool for numerical experiments.


ANSYS; ANSYS Workbench; stress-strain state; numerical methods; finite element method; settlement; strain; ground base; screw; rotary-screw propulsion

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