Using Multi-Threaded Gears in the Planetary Cutting Head for Machining the Rubberized Parts

Muzafarov R.S., Suntsov A.S.


The paper presents the design of the planetary gear mechanism of the cutting head for machining the rubberized parts and methods of its geometric and stiffness analysis. The cutter offset was determined with account of both pinion axis compliance and deformation of mating elements in place of axis fixation in the casing cheek. The first of these components of the offset was determined by methods of the strength of materials using Mohr's integrals, and the second one - by solving the differential equation of the bent axis located on an elastic foundation, its stiffness being set by experiments. Solution of differential equations was made with account of the boundary conditions and equations of statics.


multi-threaded gear; axis deformation; tool offset; planetary head; rubberized machine parts

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