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Geometrical Synthesis of the Planetary Rotor Hydrocar Containing the Round and Non-Round Central Gearwheels

Kurasov D.A.


Volume hydrocars (pumps and engines) are widely used in very different technical systems. One of the types of such machines are planetary rotor hydrocars (PRH). PRH contain two central gearwheels (usually non-round) and the floating satellites located between them. At the same time, numbers of waves M and N of central gearwheels can be both various and identical. When designing and calculating the PRH, the main objective is the geometrical calculation of their gear members. Previously, such a task was solved for a case when both central gearwheels are not round, and center trajectories of the satellite change by the simplest law of "cosine". In this paper the technique of synthesis of centroides for members of PRH containing the round and non-round central gearwheels is offered. At the same time, it is necessary to provide compatibility of a wavy centroide of an epycyclic gearwheel with the pre-assigned centroide of a round sun gearwheel (or vice versa). The developed method for geometrical synthesis of PRH allows to receive profiles of gear members of PRH by means of standard software. The method will be demanded at a design stage of planetary rotor hydrocars (pumps and hydraulic engines) by designing engineers of the machine-building industry.


planetary rotor hydrocar; centroid; number of waves; non-round gearwheels; trajectory of the satellite movement

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