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Integrated Planetary Gearboxes for Hoisting Winches in Shipboard Cranes

Filipenkov A.L., Pshizov A.K.


The constructions of planetary gearboxes for hoisting winches of shipboard cranes which were made according to the differential closed scheme are described. Each gearbox is a separately assembled unit and it is built-in into a winch’s drum. Designing different variants of construction is based on load conditions analysis caused by dynamic loads in drum type cement mills and also based on researches of load bearing capacity, satellites’ support and regularity of load distribution between bearing elements of a planetary gear. The construction of the designed gearboxes is based on the planetary gear type A. The choice of these gears is due to necessity to meet the demanded weight and size characteristics and to implement kinematic characteristics of the drive unit. The gear ratio in some variants is implemented by combination of types of gearing: one stage is a cylindrical gear and several stages are planetary. In one case when a high speed stage is a cylindrical gear, the drive is operated from two hydro motors, in the second one - from eight. The feature of the second variant is the necessity to place eight hydro motors in a circle about the main axis of gearbox meeting the required diametric size and required characteristics of endurance of gears. The high speed shaft rotation frequency is approximately 10000 Rpm. We designed the constructions where we provided the possibility to decrease the size of the gearbox in the axial dimension. We decided not to use the spherical roller bearings in satellites’ supports. The bearing is mounted on the carrier of the last stage of the gearbox. This bearing takes the radial load from the cable of the winch. The obtained result fully meets technical requirements.


planetary gear; differentially locked scheme; gearbox; hoisting winch; satellite

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