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To Complementarity of Scientific and Religious Aspects of Education as a Factor of Restoration of Its Cvilization Bases

Mikhalkin V.S.


Importance of the reference to the civilization foundation of education is dictated by strengthening of information-psychological, or civilized, wars in which scientifically based methods and technologies of introduction into the opponent consciousness of values of a leading civilization are used. Today promotion of liberal values of the West, which destroy the culture of Russian orthodox civilization and strengthening of moral degradation of a young generation, is taking place through formation and various communication media. Perversity of devaluation of cultural values and traditions of Orthodoxy in the solution of the educational problems is underlined in Bases of the state cultural policy. Among overall objectives and problems of this document it is affirmed: "preservation of historical and a cultural heritage and their use for purposes of education; transfer from generation to generation of values traditional for the Russian civilization and norms, traditions, customs and samples of behavior". In the paper the restoration of the status of teaching physics in a high school, as a kind of spiritual manufacture, which is based on replacement of an antagonism of scientific and religious pictures of the world by their mutual complementarity is discussed. This tendency of development of education is in full accord with preservation of cultural values and norms of orthodox Christianity which are traditional for the Russian civilization and which create the conditions for development of creative potential of subjects of education.


science and religion; complementarity and synergy; transcendence and integrity of the real world; belief and knowledge

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