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Improving the Beam-Balanced Pumping Unit

Volokhin E.A., Terent’ev A.N., Volokhin A.V.


The paper describes an improved telescopic design of the head with a balance bar, an electric motor with a remote control, with the ability to change the length of the balance arm to prepare the sucker rod pumping unit (SRPU) drive  for conducting operational repair of wells with minimal human involvement. The result of the improvement of the pumping unit is aimed at increasing the automation of work, reducing the time and labor costs, and increasing safety in preparing the pumping unit drive for underground well repair.

A method for calculating the strength of the moving and stationary parts of the telescopic head design with a balance bar is presented: the maximum bending stress, the safety factor for brittle fracture and plastic deformation, and the safety factor for cyclic loads are determined. The obtained calculation results correspond to the minimum allowable coefficients for reliable use of the pumping unit. A method for selecting an electric motor for moving the longitudinally movable part of the balancer arm is described, in which the necessary parameters are determined: wheel shaft rotational speed, static power, engine power taking into account the acceleration dynamics. The technical solution is shown for the ladder with safety-automatic shutdown of the electric motor of the pumping unit with unauthorized lifting of a stranger along it.


pumpjack, pumping station, ladder, horsehead, safety, strength calculation

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