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Ibrahim I.N., Al Akkad M.A.


This paper concentrates on deriving the real-time kinematics solution of a manipulator attached to an aerial vehicle, while the vehicle's movement itself is not analyzed. The manipulator kinematics solution using the Denavit - Hartenberg model was introduced, too.

The fundamental scope of this paper is to get a global online solution of the design configurations with a weighted objective function subject to some constraints. Adopting the resulted forward kinematics equations of the manipulator, the trajectory planning problem turns into an optimization task. Several and well-known computing methods are documented in the literature for solving constrained complicated nonlinear functions, where in this study the differential evolution algorithm is adopted, which is a combination of a mathematical search method and an evolution algorithm.

It is a constrained metaheuristic and population-based approach. Moreover, it is able to solve the inverse kinematics problem considering the mobile platform, in addition to avoiding singularities, since it does not demand the inversion of a Jacobian matrix.

Simulation experiments were carried out for trajectory planning of the sixth degree of freedom aerial manipulator and the obtained results for three different target points confirmed the feasibility and effectiveness of the suggested method.


manipulator, inverse kinematics, metaheuristics methods, evolution algorithms, optimization methods, differential evolution algorithm

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