Geometry of Internal Meshing of Planetary Gearwheels Cut by Non-standard Gear Shaping Tools

Suntsov A.S., Ovsyannikov A.V., Vychuzhanina E.F.


The paper describes a method for determining the radii of curvature of the transition curves of the teeth profiles of planetary gears with internal gearwheels and a small difference in the number of their teeth. To cut such gearwheels, it is advisable to use a non-standard tool with rounded tooth tips. A modified initial generating contour and the corresponding tooth profile of the generating gearwheel (shaper) in the middle section are presented. The tip of such cutting tool teeth, in contrast to the standard, is rounded, and the height of their dividing head is reduced. A comparative analysis of the radii of curvature of the teeth profiles of the satellites cut by standard and non-standard tools of different types (gear shaping and rack and pinion) is made.

The dependences of the relative radius of curvature of the transition curves of the teeth profiles of the satellite and the gearwheel on the angular parameter are shown, which make it possible to estimate their bending strength in comparison with the teeth of gearwheels cut by a standard tool. The results of the computer simulation performed on the sections of the transition curves of tooth profiles are presented. It was established that in these sections, the radius of curvature of the satellite cut by a non-standard cutter is slightly larger than the similar parameter of the wheel cut by the same tool. However, since the thickness of the wheel tooth is much higher than that of the satellite tooth, it limits the bearing capacity of the studied meshing of gearwheels and the planetary gear as a whole and the bending strength of the satellite teeth. Calculations based on the given dependences show that when cutting the planetary gearwheel and satellite by a non-standard cutter, the planetary gear is operational, not prone to jamming, and has a high load capacity.


planetary gear, non-standard gear shaping tool, gear geometry

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