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The main purpose of the reviewed scientific theoretical journal “Bulletin of Kalashnikov ISTU” is the promotion of increasing the quality of experts education according to strategies of providing a single state policy in the field of state certification of scientific and research education specialists. Publishing the reviewed scientific journal “Bulletin of Kalashnikov ISTU” and its organization is reregulated by basic standard legislative documents in sphere of scientific activity, providing the effective execution of Russian Federation Government Regulation No 842 dated September 24, 2013 “Regulation of the order of academic graduation”.

The reviewed scientific journal “Bulletin of Kalashnikov ISTU” as a part of Russian and university scientific informational system is participating in solving the following tasks:

  • to reflect the results of scientific research, scientific practical and innovative activity of the teaching staff and research officers, students, post graduates and applicants of ISTU and also of the teaching staff and research officers of universities and scientific organizations in Russia, CIS countries and far countries;
  • to generate the scientific component of university environment and popularize the main scientific achievements in ISTU;
  • to reveal the scientific potential of introducing the advanced scientific achievements to the educational process in ISTU;
  • to stipulate the open scientific polemics contributing to the increase of quality and efficiency of scientific research works;
  • to expertize the scientific works;
  • to provide the publicity and openness of reflecting the scientific problems of research departments, scientific educational centers and other structural departments of the university.

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Актуален прием публикаций

Прием публикаций ведется на регулярной основе, без промедления. Периодичность выпуска номеров - раз в квартал. Пишите! Звоните! Контакты  
Posted: 2017-07-18

Руководство для подачи статей

Руководство для подачи статьи можно скачать по ссылке  
Posted: 2017-07-18
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Vol 20, No 1 (2017)

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